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Silk Eye Mask
Silk Eye Mask
Silk Eye Mask
Silk Eye Mask
Silk Eye Mask
Silk Eye Mask

Silk Eye Mask

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Color Light Pink

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Handmade and crafted from the highest grade (6A) long fiber mulberry silk, including non-toxic dyes. We have spent countless hours prototyping, testing and using our products to ensure the highest quality and durability! Oeko-Tex® certified.


Oeko-Tex® certified: Safe, eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Product Details

Fabric: 100% 22-Momme 6A Grade Mulberry Silk

Colors: Blush Pink, Gold

Why Use Silk?

Research has proven that silk can help hair retain moisture from products and natural oils and reduce friction that could cause tangles and breakage

-Naturally Hydrating
-Temperature Regulating
-Protects hair against breakages.
-Natural + Non-Toxic.


Care: Machine Washable/Delicate

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Discovery Candles

Discovery Candles

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